Paapa Essiedu knows it’s hard to watch “I can destroy you”


Not really. This allows the ego to interfere with what you are doing. We were just trying to do justice to the story before us and try to fill these characters with as much humanity as they deserve.

Who could have predicted that we would now be not only stranded, but also plagued by a political pandemic, which also affects how people can do this type of work?

I think there is no point in trying to guess how people will react. All we can do is make it as truthful as possible and as authentic as possible.

What is your process for determining how you will embody a character like Kwame?

It may be because I come from a theatrical background, but I’m just curious to know how far you can go with the characters in terms of psychology, answers and what they don’t say.

You can learn a lot about a character from his moments of loneliness and silence, and we see a lot of Kwame’s moments by himself – even when he’s in the room with people, often you see him a little cut off from them.

We all have so many masks that we put on, which are essentially survival mechanisms for coping with the chaos of life and the world, which this time teaches us is infinitely chaotic.


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