Outbreak declared in Linhaven after 3 employees tested positive for COVID-19


A COVID-19 outbreak was declared at the Linhaven Home for the Aged in St. Catharines after three staff members tested positive for the virus on Saturday afternoon.

No resident tested positive for the virus in the Niagara Region’s 248-bed facility at 403 Ontario Street, and all residents were isolated in their bedrooms.

Welland Regional Coun. Pat Chiocchio, co-chair of the Niagara Public Health and Social Services Committee, said the three staff members were asymptomatic but were identified during a biweekly screening that all workers in the home undergo.

He stated that the staff members were now isolated, far from the establishment.

Chiocchio said learning that workers had no symptoms of the virus before routine testing was a concern, as it increased the risk of spreading the virus to others. But so far, he has said that the scenerio appears to have been avoided through the use of personal protective equipment.

“Anyone can be asymptomatic and not know it can be contagious to others. It is a perfect example of why we should wear masks and it is a good thing that they wear masks, “he said.

“Currently, there are no residents who have them. Thank goodness they were there, following the protocols and wearing the masks, and I hope we don’t have anyone else who has the virus. “

A Niagara region spokesperson said residents of the home were monitored twice a day and that residents’ families were notified.

“The health and safety of our residents and staff remains our top priority,” said the spokesperson. “The house-wide epidemic is out of prudence. “

Chiocchio said the incident also adds weight to arguments for a settlement to make wearing a face cover mandatory in indoor public places.

“It’s just going to show. People say we have stepped on the curve, ”said Chiocchio.

“But we have to be careful. And I think there is an important vote regarding the masks. I think it might open the eyes of some people. “

Regional councilors are expected to review the by-law on mandatory masks at their July 23 meeting.

This is the third active outbreak in Niagara long-term care homes, which is currently underway.

An epidemic of COVID-19 was declared at the Radiant Care Tabor Manor in St. Catharines on Tuesday when two staff members tested positive for the virus there, while an epidemic has been going on since June 3 at Garden City Manor in St Catharines seems to be getting closer and closer to being resolved.

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Dr. Rhonda Collins, chief medical officer of parent company Garden City Manor, Revera Inc., updated the families of the residents of the home on Friday, reporting that three staff members and four of the six residents who tested positive in the establishment have now recovered. .

“We regret to report that two residents died with COVID-19 in the past week,” Collins wrote. “We offer our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the people we have lost due to this pandemic.”


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