Orange “streams of acid” filmed flowing near an abandoned mine in Russia


Images have emerged from orange streams near a disused copper sulfide mine in Russia’s Ural mountain range.

Drone images uploaded by an Instagram travel blogger last week show a landscape marked by apparent sewage near the village of Lyovikha in western Siberia.

Russian prosecutors have said they are inspecting a facility supposed to treat acidic runoff from the abandoned mine, AFP said.

“Since 2004, a copper pyrite mine has been abandoned there. It turned out to be inundated and now acidic rivers are flowing from it, ”blogger Sergey Zamkadniy wrote on Instagram.

The waste was to be kept inside the ponds and treated, but heavy rains caused it to overflow.

After a local environmentalist reported the problem to authorities last year, he said he had been informed that the runoff company did not have the funds to buy enough lime to neutralize the water. ‘acid.

A spokeswoman for local prosecutors said experts would take samples from the area to find out if the treatment of “acidic water” complied with the rules.

The investigation comes just weeks after the Kremlin was forced to announce a state of emergency in Siberia after a massive fuel leak left two rivers with a bloody red tint.

Tens of thousands of tonnes of diesel are said to have leaked from a local power plant, affecting more than 1,000,000 square meters of land in the region.


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