Ontario reported less active than pre-peak in April


The province confirmed that there were 116 new known cases of COVID-19 on Friday morning and seven new deaths from the disease, as active cases in Ontario dropped to their lowest level since before April.The numbers are down from 170 on Thursday and 118 from Wednesday, but slightly up from 112 from Tuesday.

As of Friday, June 26, the lowest number of new cases was recorded at 111 in more than three months.

Health Minister Christine Elliot says locally 30 of the province’s 34 public health units – all regions except Peel, York, Toronto and Windsor-Essex – report five or fewer cases, and 17 of them do not report no new cases.

She said there were 178 more cases resolved on Friday, which means Ontario reports fewer active cases than “any time in April before the peak.”

Nearly 27,500 the tests were carried out from the day before, because the positivity rate remains at its “historic lowest”.

There have been a total of 36,464 confirmed cases in Ontario to date, with 32,155 resolved and a total of 2,710 deaths from coronavirus, by province.

In long-term care homes, 5,527 cases have been reported, including 1,724 deaths among residents.

Government of Ontario

Ontario has extended the province’s state of emergency until July 22. The current state of emergency will expire on July 15.

Premier Doug Ford’s office says Wednesday’s motion to extend the emergency declaration is aimed at ensuring the province’s safe and gradual reopening and that there is no gap between the provincial declaration and the date. when the new bill comes into force.

The bill will allow the province to extend certain emergency measures over the next year.


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