Ole Gunnar Solskjaer answers questions on workforce selection


Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has hinted it is possible to make changes for the shock against Southampton.

The away team doesn’t really have much to play this season as European football seems a far-fetched idea when they also seem immune to relegation.

However, United looked a little tired against Aston Villa despite their 3-0 victory, so Solskjaer’s hand could be forced a bit.

The legendary Norwegian has apparently found his winning formula and fans can finally and easily name their best starting eleven.

Perhaps Solskjaer is wary of his team playing three times within seven days and therefore needs to keep things fresh to keep the race undefeated.

Of course, Solskjaer could just say what he did to try to overthrow Southampton and their plans.

After all, as evidenced by their match against Norwich in the FA Cup, the second Manchester United turns eleven, they tend to suffer.

Solskjaer must surely know by now that he cannot count on the depth of his team, as they have systematically dropped him every time he has given them the opportunity to impress.

Anyway, all the fans will worry about collecting three points, especially after the defeat of Chelsea against Sheffield United and therefore whoever the eleven players who go on the field, it will not have too many importance.

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