NYC steps up enforcement of social distancing in bars


NEW YORK – Restaurants and bars will see more social distancing measures after overcrowding at a bar in Astoria prompted police to shut it down last weekend, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday.“No one wants to close bars or restaurants,” de Blasio said. “If we have to close a few of them, it’s much better than seeing the coronaviruses re-emerging.”

New York Sheriff’s Office and NYPD to step up law enforcement efforts to ensure patrons stay six feet from each other, with restaurants at risk of Open Program subpoenas and bans Restaurants in the city.

The announcement comes after weeks of maskless revelers flooding the streets outside Brik Astoria on Steinway Street and Broadway.

“We’re going to have a lot of presence there,” de Blasio said. “It’s dangerous if we don’t do it right.”

Queens lawmakers for weeks have raised concerns about the behavior in Astoria’s bar, but, when asked why it took the city so long to act, de Blasio said he doesn’t had not enough information to answer.

“We have tried to use education and we have tried to use warnings,” de Blasio said. “Now is the time to take more aggressive action. ”

New York City entered a restricted Phase Four on Monday with the reopening of low-risk outdoor venues – such as zoos, botanical gardens, and sports arenas without fans – but without indoor dining, malls, museums, etc. theaters or gymnasiums.

New York City’s Daily Tracking Indicators show 74 new COVID-19 hospitalizations, 311 intensive care patients and a positive test rate of 2%, de Blasio said.

“New York City has returned from the coronavirus,” de Blasio said. “The heroic efforts of New Yorkers to fight this disease made this possible. ”

The city, under a heat advisory as temperatures hover around 100 degrees, on Monday opened 160 cooling centers, 230 cooling and misting locations, 300 fire hydrants open with spray caps, 650 showers with spray in city ​​parks, said de Blasio.

New Yorkers can find out where these chill spots are on the city’s Beat The Heat website.

“Please everyone take this seriously,” said de Blasio. “We want to make sure everyone is safe today. “


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