NYC faces recovery from rocky coronavirus, Cuomo warns


NEW YORK CITY – New York City must admit it is having problems recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned.Empty streets, growing violence, civil unrest, well-to-do people decamping elsewhere – all of these factors and more are threatening the city’s economy, Cuomo said Thursday.

“We’re going to have a problem,” he said. “I’m telling you we’re going to have a problem. ”

Cuomo has for weeks raised concerns about what he sees as problems in New York City, primarily crime, homelessness and graffiti. But he expanded his list of concerns during a conference call Thursday in response to a journalist’s question about the city’s economy coming out of the coronavirus crisis.

So what are the issues Cuomo sees? He gave an “all of the above answer.” ”

First, there are New Yorkers with means who left town at the start of the pandemic and still haven’t returned, Cuomo said. Then factor in the lingering fear, almost a post-9/11 feeling, of whether the city is truly immune from the virus, he said.

“Then you have some aspects that won’t reopen immediately and if you reopen them nobody would come – the Broadway theaters and so on. “, he said. “The big cultural institutions, the big dinners, isn’t it? All the things that make Manhattan fun and attractive. ”

Cuomo then narrowed his views on a potential federal bill that would allow people not to pay taxes where they work, but instead where they live. It could have a major impact on New York City, he said.

“What this means is that people wouldn’t have to pay their New York income tax surtax – pay Suffolk tax, pay Columbia County tax, pay Aspen tax, pay tax. Connecticut tax, ”he said. “It’s really disturbing. ”

State officials are working on a reopening commission, but it will take an “affirmative effort” to help New York City, Cuomo said.

“I don’t think it will be enough to just sit down and wait,” he said.


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