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In another moment in history, Novak Djokovic had a tribunal dedicated to him in the French town of Clichy. The world No. 1 had previously erected a statue in Belgrade and several murals across the city of Belgrade. So this one in France is unique. A non-profit organization called Etendart supported the project. Clichy has a Racine stadium in which the court has been dedicated. The short was designed by Youssef Sy and Opera Graphiks.

A graphic design by Novak Djokovic is also present next to the court

The courtyard has very beautiful artwork and colors. It even has a Djokovic chart. It has blue and red colors and goes well in sports and city life in court. The main goal here is to inspire new athletes to come and find the next Novak Djokovic. The two artists responsible for the work posted their reactions on Instagram. They were very happy to work with Etendart and were delighted to be part of this project.

“I was delighted to participate in the TeamCourtside project, which promotes integration through sport by renovating sports infrastructure with the collaboration of international artists. Thus, educational programs for young people who need them most will be put in place very quickly this summer, ”said Opera Graphiks.

“In addition to a collaboration that I will talk about more soon, I am very proud to be part of the TeamCourtside project. This non-profit project consists of promoting inclusion and insertion through sport by renovating sports venues, decorating them in collaboration with artists and animating them through the implementation of educational programs dedicated to young people who do so. need it most. Youssef Sy a posté.

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The court will be used to provide a tennis lesson for 150 students. This is how the co-founder of Etendart, Olivier Mairot also spoke about their agenda and their objectives.

“We take our roots with the new court but also with our premises a few steps from here. With Etendart, we don’t want to limit ourselves to creating artistic fields, we want to create meaning with the young people of Clichy in the long term. Mairot a this

Etendart paid a unique tribute to Djokovic. This will help attract more young players and inspire them to become great players.

Sources: Instagram: Youssef Sy, Instagram: Opera Graphiks


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