Norway reimposes quarantine on Spanish travelers, but not Tom Cruise


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Oslo (AFP)

Norway reinstated the quarantine for arrivals from Spain on Friday following a spike in virus cases, but also said such restrictions would not apply to the team behind the latest blockbuster “Mission: Impossible”.

Star Tom Cruise and the rest of the crew will be allowed into the country in the fall to film scenes for the seventh installment of the action franchise without facing quarantine requirements, regardless of their previous destinations.

The shooting “will take place under strict sanitary conditions and members of the production will be kept away from others while in Norway,” Agriculture Minister Olaug Bollestad said at a press conference.

“This means that not everyone will be able to see these handsome guys because they will be relatively separated,” she added.

The shooting, partly subsidized by the Norwegian Film Institute to the tune of nearly five million euros, is to take place in the middle of the majestic fjords of the northwest.

Bollestad said the film was important in showing the world “nature, culture and history” of Norway, which also featured in the last episode, “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”.

In contrast, Norway has reimposed travel restrictions to Spain, after an increase in coronavirus cases.

Spanish travelers will have to quarantine themselves for 10 days upon arrival in Norway, adding similar measures for those from Portugal, Luxembourg, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Norway currently has its epidemic under control, with just three people hospitalized on Friday. It has recorded 9,085 cases and 255 deaths since the start of the pandemic.


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