No screening of travelers required to isolate themselves in Scotland, admits Secretary of Health


Scottish police have already confirmed that no fines have been imposed for violating quarantine rules.Public Health England said it had contacted about one in five people in England and Northern Ireland to ask if they were self-isolating. If they do not reach them after four days, the details are passed on to the police.

Professor Stephen Reicher, an expert in crowd psychology at the University of St Andrews, said it was “blindingly obvious” that there should have been a way to assess whether the quarantine rules were being followed and, if that did not happen, that compliance could be undermined.

“We ask people to isolate and we have no idea whether they isolate or not,” he said. The Sunday Post. “So a policy where we don’t know whether it works or not is not a great policy. ”

Ms Sturgeon is expected to announce earlier this week whether she will subscribe to the UK government’s plan for travel lanes, or seek to exempt certain countries, which means that travelers from these countries should always self -isolate if they came to Scotland.

She said the repeated changes to the list by British ministers meant that she was unable to accept the proposals when they were released on Friday, and promised to investigate the list further and request the expert advice. The system is expected to take effect in England on July 10.

If separate rules have been introduced, it is unclear how travelers from countries excluded from the list by Scotland could be identified, especially if they went to an English airport and then traveled to Scotland by road or train.

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader in Westminster, again refused to rule out quarantine measures for people traveling from England, where coronavirus cases are higher than in Scotland.

“The point is, you can see that the prevalence rate here is much lower, so we have to look at who comes in here and what kind of risks there are, but any decisions that will be made by the Scottish government will be based on scientific data. advice we get and keep people safe, “he said. Sky News.

“The simple fact is that we have managed to reduce the incidence of the virus in the past few months, which has been hard won and, of course, we must take the appropriate steps to ensure that we can continue to see this.” ”

A Scottish government spokesperson said controls on travelers who are supposed to be quarantined under existing rules would start “imminently”.

He added: “Quarantine regulations exist to protect people and limit the introduction of new chains of virus transmission.

“Anyone entering Scotland from abroad must complete a passenger location form with travel and contact information, including where they will be staying, and isolate themselves for 14 days. Border Force reports good compliance and throughout this, passengers have been informed of quarantine requirements in Scotland.

“Outstanding issues, including access by Public Health Scotland staff to passenger contact information collected in transit and stored by the Home Office, and ensuring proper data governance, are now resolved. Follow-up calls will begin shortly, including retrospective cases of travelers arriving in Scotland in the past two weeks. “


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