Nigel Farage “flouts quarantine lock rules” for pub pint after Trump’s rally trip


Nigel Farage appeared to flout quarantine rules today after visiting the pub for a pint less than 14 days after returning from a trip to the United States.The leader of the Brexit Party said that he was the first customer of his local boozer when he opened its doors to the public at 12 noon.

Dressed in a wax jacket and a plaid shirt, the former UKIP chief posted a photo of him on Twitter as he sipped his first sip of lager beer.

He captioned the photo: “12 o’clock, first customer. I love it, ”suggesting that he was the first bettor to walk through the doors when the pub reopened today.

But Farage could break the lockdown rules – because he only returned to the UK less than two weeks ago.

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Farage was photographed in America at the end of June after flying to attend a Donald Trump rally

Farage was photographed on Saturday, June 20, before Donald Trump’s election rally, scheduled to take place that evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the time, it was confirmed that Farage had been exempt from the travel ban to the United States to participate in the rally because the visit was deemed “in the public interest”.

But nothing was mentioned about the rules he should follow when he returns.

Latest government directives indicate that UK travelers are allowed to return to the UK but must follow the rules to re-enter the UK.

On the government website, you can read:

” Your

– need to provide your trip and contact details up to 48 hours before your arrival in the UK

– are not allowed to leave the place where you are staying during the first 14 days of your stay in the UK, except in very limited situations (called “self-insulating”). “

Former UKIP leader seen sipping a pint in 2019

The website also lists a number of people who are exempt from one or both of these rules.

Unsurprisingly, some of the people responding to Farage’s tweet wondered if he should be in the pub.

One of them wrote: “Look at me – am I not smart, lifting two fingers towards the establishment by breaking the quarantine rules after having visited a country, the British are forbidden to visit! ”

Mirror Online contacted Nigel Farage for comment.

Farage’s tweet comes as the UK takes advantage of the lifting of the lockout restrictions today, a day dubbed “Super Saturday” as many pubs and restaurants begin to open.

Early this morning, Wetherspoons customers were lining up in front of their local water points, some in the early hours of the morning to queue up for the first pint.

Others left late and headed straight for the pub for a full English breakfast, washed down with a beer.

Farage allegedly participated in Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wetherspoons has revealed a number of rules customers will need to follow in the future, including queuing outside, applying a “one for one, one for going out” policy, and ordering food and beverages on the Internet. application of the company to avoid unnecessary contact with staff.

The menus are for single use only, after which they must be recycled.

Hand disinfection stations have been set up around the pub and tables have been set up specifically according to the rules of social distancing, or with “sneezing screens” as additional protection.

Large groups will not be allowed, but people can meet with members of only one other household.

Pubs are required to follow various health and safety rules to keep customers safe

JD Wetherspoon President Tim Martin said, “We are extremely pleased that the pubs will reopen on July 4 after a long hiatus. ”

According to the new guidelines, staff will have to participate in temperature controls on arrival and hundreds of additional workers will be hired to help keep the branches sanitized.

A total of £ 11 million will be invested to introduce security screens at the counters – while two new full-time workers will be hired per branch.

Another large pub chain has decided not to open its 1,700 premises today.

Wetherspoons opened its doors to customers this morning

Greene King, which manages Hungry Horses, Chef and Brewers, Wacky Warehouses and other major brands, will instead reopen its pubs and restaurants gradually.

The first of its pubs and restaurants will reopen on Monday, July 6, reports Yorkshire Live.

A company spokesperson said, “We welcome the news that pubs, next to other venues, may reopen from next month. Pubs play an important role at the very heart of their communities and have been sorely missed by customers as well as by those who work in them.

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“We look forward to welcoming customers back to our pubs and providing this great welcoming pub experience that we all love. ”

Meanwhile, customers can expect price hikes as pubs try to recoup their losses and finance any additional PPE and health and safety measures they have put in place.

Wetherspoons confirmed that beer, spirits and wine will increase by 10p, while food will increase by 20p.

In Samuel Smiths’ pubs, the rising prices are a little more appetizing, with their lagers now £ 1 more expensive than before the foreclosure.


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