Nick Cannon calls for apology after broadcaster cancels show over anti-Semitic comments


Content of the article

Nick Cannon took “full responsibility” for several controversial remarks he made on his YouTube show, which were deemed “anti-Semitic” by many and led to his being abandoned by the American broadcaster ViacomCBS.

The American host of Masked Singer found himself in the center of reactions following comments on his program Cannon’s Class, when he declared that the Whites are “savages” and “a little less” than the people in the darker skin.

“The people who don’t have (melanin) are a little bit less,” said Cannon, claiming, “When they were sent to the Caucasus Mountains. … The sun then started to deteriorate them, so they act out of fear, they act out of low self-esteem, they act out of lack.

“So the only way to act is evil. They have to steal, steal, rape, kill to survive. So these people who did not have what we have – and when I say we, I mean melancholy people – they must have been savages…. They act like animals, so they are the closest to animals. They are the real savages. “


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