Niagaras COVID-19: death toll increases as stage 3 approaches


A set of recent deaths at Garden City Manor in St Catharines due to COVID-19 has now left the death toll in the region at 64 in an epidemic which, according to health officials, should have been eliminated if all procedures had been followed correctly.“He persisted and got much worse. Whenever an epidemic lasts this long, there is a problem with infection control regimens, ”said Dr. Mustafa Hirji, Acting Regional Medical Officer of Health.

At least 2 house-related deaths led the number to 62 over the weekend.

The region reports deaths to COVID-19 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hirji said that a “small double-digit number” of cases, some recovered, left the stamp of the epidemic on the site after a first case was found at home in June, and that the personnel of regional health is in permanent contact with the house.

After the weekend, the region added 9 new cases of COVID-19 to the total of confirmed cases after 3 staff members tested positive at the Linhaven nursing home in St Catharines.

One of the other cases, which did not follow any particular pattern, said Hirji, was found in a resident of Thorold.

Hirji said Monday’s announcement that excluded Niagara from Stage 3 of the provincial reopening was not surprising, as the stages are 4 weeks apart, and Niagara was excluded from the previous pool of regions allowed to open.

“Looking at the 24 regions now entering phase 3, we can see that they are exactly those that were authorized in the previous announcement. ”

Hirji said it was a good idea for Niagara business owners who had not yet been allowed to open to start preparing.

“Right now we are on a trend for good news to come next week,” said Hirji, adding that measures such as social estrangement, hand washing and wearing a mask are still paramount for continued success.


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