NHL is back, but full paychecks aren’t, say some employees


Employees had hoped the league would restore full pay now that the league is set to resume play and start collecting revenue from TV broadcast deals and other sources. NBA and Major League Baseball, whose seasons were also disrupted by the pandemic, continued to pay league employees their entire salary, according to representatives from both leagues. In April, the NFL slashed the salaries of managers who earn more than $ 100,000 and in May fired employees who could work from home, saying it planned to reinstate those workers “within a few months.”

Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner, and his senior executives agreed to take a 35% pay cut during the pandemic break, and Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, and 100 of that league’s top executives agreed to 20% reductions. The NBA cut some jobs in June, but said those were related to long-term strategy, not the pandemic. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner said in April that he had completely cut his own salary.

The affected NHL employees who will travel to one of the two hub cities on July 23 represent a wide range of jobs that help the league run, including security, media relations, gaming operations, media production, social media and broadcast technicians, image technicians. There is also at least one ticket coordinator, although fans are currently not allowed to attend any of the games.

According to an NHL employee, the number of staff deployed for the league restart is similar to the number the league sends to a typical Winter Classic away game each January, except this time their assignment will last. at least two months, more of a game.


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