NFL and NFLPA reach agreement on COVID-19 adjustments at ABC


After weeks of discussions and negotiations, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed on the foundation needed to play amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The two sides reached an agreement on Friday afternoon after a vote by NFLPA player representatives, by a 29-to-3 tally, in favor of the proposed changes, reported Ian Rapoport, an NFL network insider. So the adjusted ABC has become official, and training camp will begin in earnest when most of the veteran players arrive on July 28 as originally planned. The NFLPA executive committee voted unanimously to approve the changes proposed by NFL owners earlier on Friday.

The deal agreed includes an allowance for 16-man training teams, high-risk and general participation options due to the pandemic (deadline to be determined) and no preseason for 2020, Tom Pelissero from NFL Network reported earlier Friday.

According to Rapoport, the training camp should include 20 days of a build-up period and a maximum of 14 padded workouts.

Financially, the league will extend the impact of any shortfall in 2020 due to the pandemic over four years starting in 2021. The salary cap will be at least $ 175 million in 2021, while the cap of 198, $ 2 million for 2020 remains unchanged. The two sides were able to come to an agreement after the owners raised the minimum cap for 2021 from $ 165 million to $ 175 million and dropped their request to reduce the cap by $ 8 million for 2020, per Pelissero.

In the event that the financial losses are not as large as expected, the cap will be higher in 2021 at $ 175 million. Establishing a tier simply provides clubs with a baseline with which to plan financially.


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