Next Generation Xbox Controller White Leaks


Every now and then you hear stories about someone who has an “uncle” who works for a large game company who will tell their random nephew about an upcoming feature for a new game. The Story of the Controller that you see above follows this route, but there is a photo to back up the claims.

The image you see in this article is of a next-gen Xbox controller that is either for the Xbox X series or possibly the S. The reason this is worth publishing is that the hardware is white, while everything Microsoft has shown to date is black.

The image was posted on Reddit with the user saying he went to a party in Washington and apparently the father of the kid who hosted the party works for Microsoft. That’s the story and apparently it’s a pizza box next to the controller.

We know it’s a next-gen controller because of the d-pad and there is the share button on the controller. The other big difference, which we can’t see, is that this controller uses USB-C instead of micro-USB.

The image appears to be authentic with the only anomaly in the story, given the current environment, is having a party right now? That aside, hopefully Microsoft will announce the S series, with a white iteration, next month.

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