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The Prince visited a reception center run by the Peterborough Light Project which is fighting homelessness in the city. While at the center, William argued that the coronavirus outbreak gives Britain a chance to ‘solve’ its homelessness problem.

He urged the authorities to “be brave and a little daring” in the fight against homelessness, adding that the country “will never have a better chance” of dealing with the crisis.Since the closure of COVID-19 began, the government has provided funds to transfer thousands of homeless people from the streets to hotels or hostels.

According to the Housing Department, it has provided £ 105million, including £ 85million in new money, since the start of the crisis.

In Peterborough, 130 rough sleepers have been provided with shelter thanks to this funding.

William said: “I really hope – I mean this pandemic has been really horrible for everyone – I really hope that the glares of positivity and the glares of kindness that could ensue are on the side of the homeless .

“You will never have a better chance nationally to fight homelessness and do something right.”

During his trip, the Prince also spoke with workers from the Safer Off the Streets partnership in Peterborough, which aims to tackle homelessness in the city through a combination of public and charitable activities.

According to the Shelter charity, around 320,000 people were homeless in Britain at the end of last year.

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According to The Big Issue, which helps the homeless by giving them a magazine to sell, 726 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2018.

During the visit, William spoke to Robert Smale, a 55-year-old man who had been living in a tent for six years since he broke up.

Mr Smale said: “Personally, I have no intention of returning to the streets.

« [If] I have this chance to improve my life – so I’m going to take your arm out, take it with both hands and rip it off. ”

Prince William has been living with his family at Anmer Hall in Norfolk since the start of the lockdown.

However, he continued to lead royal engagements, first on Zoom, and then in person when the lock was eased.

The Queen was locked in Windsor Castle despite attending the wedding of her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, on Friday.

The Big Issue provides advice on how you can help any street sleeper you see in the UK.

He says, “If you see a sleeper on the street, send details of where and when you see him, along with a brief description of the person, to StreetLink using their website, app, or phone. telephone line.

“StreetLink is operated in partnership by Homeless Link and St Mungo’s.

“Scotland does not have a centralized service, so you need to check the details of your local council. “


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