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The American president announced a new infrastructure investment plan in the capital of Georgia when he catapulted himself into a rant against postal voting. Trump has praised Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and changed his focus from revealing infrastructure plans to campaign-related topics.

Mr. Trump said, “Governor Brian Kemp, I’ll tell you – what a warrior he is.“It is hard, it is hard. And he has done a great job in all aspects of managing this incredible state.

“And I’ve always been there for you.” “

Trump then spoke about the postal ballots, diverting the subject of infrastructure and addressing his comments to Georgian legislators, citizens and the United Parcel Service (UPS).

He said, “And please look at these postal ballots. You’re going to watch this for me.

“Because, you know, they have a lot of problems across the country.

“Postal ballots. Be careful, be careful. They would understand because they deliver.

“In fact, I’m going to have to be very nice to UPS. “

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“So I don’t want anyone to come back and watch. “

Trump did not wear a face mask while visiting UPS Atlanta airport facilities on Wednesday, even though staff and lawmakers who joined him wore face covers.

The first time Mr. Trump was seen in public wearing a mask was last week while traveling to the Walter Medical Center.

The President has intensified criticism of the postal vote for the upcoming November elections since the Democrats called for remote voting in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said Wednesday that elections continued normally during the First World War and the Second World War.

He also said that the coronavirus crisis should not affect the voting method.

The President has said that a fully distant voting system would disproportionately benefit Democrats and said there is a high chance of widespread electoral fraud with postal ballots.

He said, “They’re going to be rigged. They’re going to be a terrible situation and you have to be careful in Georgia, but you have to be careful wherever they do. ”

Trump added, “What is going on with the postal ballots is very bad.

“Like differentiated ballots where you have to go, and you go through a process because you can’t be there for some reason. “


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