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As the November 3 elections approach, Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden have stepped up their campaigns for the President. The new online ad was not paid for by the Biden campaign, but it launched a merciless attack on the president highlighting his story of comments on women. The campaign follows the leak of his niece Mary Trump’s new book, which indicates that the President made sexual comments about him in the 1990s. made the political video using clips of the President’s questionable remarks about his daughters.The group is known for its viral political clips and has titled the video #CreepyTrump.

Lasting less than a minute, the clip highlights Mr. Trump’s sexually suggestive comments about Ivanka and Tiffany.

One of the President’s most shocking comments sees him wondering aloud if Tiffany, a baby at the time, would have breasts like his mother.

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Leaks of exceptions from Mary Trump’s President’s book have added to the controversy.

She wrote, “I was in Mar-a-Lago.

“It was an informal dinner. I was in a swimsuit.

“Uncle Donald came up to me and said, ‘Mary, is that you? Wow, you are stacked. ”

Former national security adviser John Bolton also alleged that Trump had a problem with women.

In an interview with Sky News, Bolton said, “My personal opinion, and I can’t prove it, I think he has problems with women leaders.”

When asked if the President was sexist, Mr. Bolton said, “Time and time again, we seemed to be having this difficulty.”


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