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Alvarez claque De Gea

Emilio Alvarez accused David de Gea of ​​”disloyalty” after revealing that he left Manchester United because he no longer wanted to work with the goalkeeper.

Alvarez was De Gea’s goalkeeper coach at Atletico Madrid and was recruited from Old Trafford’s coaching staff to work with his protégé in the summer of 2016, Jose Mourinho offering him the job to keep De Gea at the club.

But after De Gea signed a new contract to extend his stay at United until 2023 last summer, Alvarez left surprisingly a few months later, in September 2019, shortly after Richard Hartis returned as coach goalkeepers.

Alvarez, however, said it was his decision to leave the club, and he blamed it on the door of De Gea’s under pressure, saying he also fired agent Jorge Mendes just before the contract extension .

Here’s what Alvarez said AS of the new De Gea agreement:

“After almost three years with a lot of work and meetings with United to renew him and make him the highest paid player in the world, I learned that he had renewed himself behind my back.

“Honestly, it looked like a lack of loyalty. During the negotiations, he also argued with the person who had led all the discussions to get paid what he had paid. And at the last minute, someone else got involved. I insisted that I didn’t like it because it seemed disloyal.

“I asked David why he didn’t say anything to me and he said he was told not to tell anyone. It had an impact on me. The way I understand my job is that you can’t help someone develop if you don’t have complete confidence in them and that’s why I decided to leave United. “


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