Newcastle United fans react to latest takeover update


According to reports from The Chronicle, Saudi Arabia has made a bold decision to fight piracy.The KSA appears to have taken strong measures to combat the illegal distribution of sports and films, and this measure could be appreciated by the Premier League.

Athletic journalist Matt Slater made clear last week that the issue of piracy is the only major stumbling block that prevents the Premier League from giving Saudi investors the green signal to complete the takeover of Newcastle United .

While the money is talking and the Premier League will benefit financially if the deal is made, the complexity of the hack has let them come and go with their decision.

Slater claimed that the only way the deal could go through if Saudi investors took over the Premier League or took decisive action to prevent piracy. And it seems that they are ready to take this step.

The report says that King Salaman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud agreed on Tuesday to sign a memorandum by which the anti-piracy agency will help them solve the problem.

The new measures taken by the Saudi Arabian Intellectual Property Authority (SAIP) will raise awareness of the value and importance of intellectual property and strengthen respect and enforcement of intellectual property.

The measures have been said to allow them to deepen the friendship between the KSA and other countries.

Many Newcastle fans think this is a strong indication that potential owners are serious about the deal, and that there is no way the deal can be blocked by the Premier League.


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