Newborn red panda dies at Toronto Zoo after first birth in 24 years


TORONTO – One of the Toronto Zoo’s two newborn red panda babies has died after being taken to the ICU for emergency treatment. The zoo reported the birth of two babies last week, claiming that a two-year-old red panda named Ila had given birth to two healthy cubs. It was the first time that a red panda was pregnant at the zoo in 24 years.

On Wednesday, just over a week later, the zoo reported that one of the two females was found weak on Sunday and received treatment.

“One of the two females was found weak on Sunday and was transferred to the ICU … where she received treatment and was fed every three hours by the veterinary team,” the zoo said in a statement on Wednesday. .

The zoo said after her condition appeared to have improved, she was sent back to her mother at the Red Panda House, where her condition was constantly monitored.

“The two cubs were getting extra meals every three hours, and Ila continued to care for them,” the zoo said.

“Shortly after being placed back with mum, the same little one seemed cold, dehydrated and lethargic, at which point our team began additional treatment and she was placed back into an incubator. Unfortunately, this little one passed away overnight.

The zoo said it suspected the cub’s mother was not producing enough milk to feed the two cubs.

“Our team will continue to feed the remaining cub while keeping her with Ila to allow them to continue bonding,” the zoo said.

“Being the first red panda cubs born at the zoo since 1996, it is with a heavy heart that our team mourns this significant loss and we appreciate the support of our community as we continue to care for and monitor the remaining lion cub.

Red pandas are an endangered species native to southwestern China and the eastern Himalayas. Experts estimate that there are between 2,500 and 10,000 animals in the wild.


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