New York quarantine warrant now applies to Puerto Rico, DC and 34 states, says Cuomo


NEW YORK – The tri-state region coronavirus travel advisory requiring a 14-day quarantine now applies to 34 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday.The number of states with a high rate of virus transmission is up from 31 last week.

The new states are Illinois, Kentucky and Minnesota. Washington, DC and Puerto Rico are also new additions to the quarantine list.

The notice also applies to residents of the tri-state area who return to their home state from areas with high transmission rates. It does not apply to anyone traveling for work or at the request of their employer.

States and territories eligible for the travel advisory have an infection rate greater than 10 cases per 100,000 population, or if 10% of the total population tests positive. Both measurements are monitored on a seven-day moving average.

Although the travel advisory applies to the tri-state area, its application varies by state.

New Jersey has taken a more remote approach. Gov. Phil Murphy said he would not bar people from entering the state and that he was relying on travelers to make the right decision to quarantine upon arrival.

New York, meanwhile, has a stricter enforcement that includes a $ 2,000 fine or a court-ordered 14-day quarantine for travelers who refuse to provide their contact details to authorities upon arrival in the state.

The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut implemented the advisory in June in a bid to prevent another spike in coronavirus cases in the region as the virus continues to rise in other parts of the country .

The tri-state area was once seen as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, as the number of cases in March and April soared into the hundreds of thousands and the death toll soared for weeks.

The region has since fought off the worst of its epidemic and still reports low virus counts compared to many other states.


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