New York and NJ governors send warning to teens and young adults amid COVID-19 peak


NEW YORK – New York and New Jersey are both seeing an increase in coronavirus cases among young adults.Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Phil Murphy are calling on young adults and their parents to cooperate and prevent the spread of the virus.

In New Jersey, a group of about 20 COVID-19 cases is believed to be linked to a house party in Middletown, Murphy said.

The Middletown Township Department of Health and Human Services is examining cases that have occurred in adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19. They believe the house party in question took place on or around July 11 on West Front Street.

The city is asking parents who think their children may have dated or interacted with anyone who did so to self-quarantine and watch for signs and symptoms.

Similar party clusters have sprung up in Rockland County and Chappaqua in New York City, where the state has seen the largest increase in cases among young adults aged 21 to 30.

The positive rate in this region exceeded 13%, down from 9% the previous week.

Governor Cuomo also issued a new public service announcement, aimed squarely at the young and seemingly invincible.

It comes as the governor pushed for stricter enforcement of bars and outdoor alcohol consumption.

More than two dozen liquor licenses have been suspended and 400 offenses have been issued.

The governor also noted that the work of the contact tracers has prevented an additional 5,000 infections.


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