New Rolls-Royce Ghost: ‘minimalist’ design teased in new video


Rolls-Royce described the new minimalist design philosophy behind the new Ghost in the first of a series of animated videos tracing the development of the luxury sedan.The second generation of rival Bentley Flying Spur is expected to launch later this year and will reflect a new design trend of ‘post opulence’, a movement of luxury buyers towards simplicity and minimalism.

Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös recently presented the idea behind this new philosophy in an open letter to customers. In the new video posted by the company on social media, chief design officer Henry Cloke explained how this affected the design of the Ghost. He said the machine, recently spied on during testing at the Nürburgring, would feature fewer design lines and sharp edges.

Speaking in a voiceover for the video, Cloke said Ghost’s clients “don’t want grandeur and fuss; they want something pure and clean ”.

He added: “We have removed any unnecessary design. We’ve removed the closures and pursued minimal aesthetics, while ensuring that the new Ghost is unmistakably a Rolls-Royce. Along the way, we found that creating perfect simplicity is really, really complex. ”

The Ghost will be built on a suitable version of the company’s aluminum platform used for the Phantom and Cullinan, but Cloke noted that it has been significantly modified due to the Ghost’s great focus on driving dynamics. .

“To achieve this on the new Ghost, we had to make huge strides, such as hand welding aluminum bodies and sowing incredibly long and perfectly straight stitch lines. We had to find new futuristic materials, and to complement that our engineers completely reconfigured our Rolls-Royce architecture. They distilled the Ghost experience, embodying him with an incredibly pure and refined driving personality.

“Customers have expressed a desire for something even more refined and even purer than their existing Ghost, but still in all respects a true Rolls-Royce.

The animated video is the first of four to be released in preparation for the launch of the new Ghost.


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