New record: more than 4 tonnes of marijuana seized at the Canada-US border


US officials say they recorded the largest seizure of marijuana at the Canadian border. US Customs and Border Protection have said that nearly 4.3 tonnes of marijuana, which they estimate has a market value of US $ 20 million (CAD $ 27.3 million), was seized on June 25 in a truck trying to enter the country.

According to the border agency, the truck was stopped as it crossed the Peace Bridge between the Niagara region of Ontario and Buffalo, N.Y.

The truck’s manifest document indicated that it was only carrying storage containers, but an inspection would have revealed 55 wooden pallet boxes containing vacuum-packed marijuana.

A 26-year-old Indian man, who authorities say is also a permanent resident of Canada, has been charged with importing and possessing marijuana with the intention of distributing it.

The US border agency calls the discovery “the largest drug seizure on the northern border.”

This is the third major seizure of marijuana at the Peace Bridge this month. Border officials allege that a truck stopped on June 13 that allegedly carried 58 boxes of peat moss was in fact trying to transport 1.5 tonnes of marijuana to the United States, and more than 800 kilograms of marijuana were seized in a third truck on June 5.

Customs and border patrol have reported seizing significantly more marijuana and other drugs since March than during the same period last year, even though the border was closed to non-essential traffic due to the COVID pandemic- 19.


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