New Mutants runtime revealed by director Josh Boone


We might not know exactly when we’ll see The new mutants for now, but now we know how long the movie will last once we do. the X Men the adaptation was long, long, long delayed, but highlighted today during a Comic-Con @ Home panel that promises the movie will go out. One day. And in addition to this Comic-Con @ Home panel, Collider’s Steve Weintraub got to speak with the writer / director. Josh Boone and some of the cast for an interview on the film.

The film is sort of a spin-off focusing on the young mutants of the X Men universe like Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams), Magician (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Cannonball (Charlie Heaton) being held in an institution which may or may not be a prison. The film was made to be more of a horror twist on the X Men films, but with a young cast at its core.

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While we’ll be sharing our full interview with Boone and the cast soon, we wanted to highlight one particular point of interest: The new mutants Duration. Indeed, Boone revealed that the film was 1 hour and 38 minutes long and added that while it was never very long, the deleted scenes will end up on the home video release:

“I think it’s 98 minutes or something. It was never more than 104, even at its longest. I remember my initial cut before cutting anything was probably 20 minutes longer than that, but you’ll see all of that on special features – we’ve rounded up all the deleted scenes for everyone. It was more just things that were too funny or just didn’t quite go together, but these are cute character moments that I think fans will love.


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Boone explained that he did about 75% of the editing before the film closed in the middle of 20th Century Fox’s sale to Disney. He left and directed the next CBS All Access The stall miniseries meanwhile, but when Disney finally turned its attention to The new mutants, its long-time editors Matthew Dunell and Robb Sullivan were busy so he brought Andrew Buckland to help finish things off:

“I had the same editors since my first film. They are some of my best friends – I had dinner with them every Sunday night when we could have dinner together. But we’ve been doing this for about a decade, and they just finished the cut The stall. So I cut 75% of that movie with them, then they cut The stall already when i finished it, so i brought another editor to do the final stuff with me. I would say we finished at 75% and then did the last percentage over the last year.

Despite reports that Fox was planning covers, additional photographs on The new mutants never happened. Disney initially set a release date for the film in April 2020, but the COVID-19 shutdown forced them to move it from that date. At the moment, the film is not scheduled, but as evidenced by today’s Comic-Con @ Home panel and these interviews, Disney Is are still planning to promote the release of this film.

Look for our full interview with Boone and the cast on Collider coming soon. Find out more about X Men movies, see our ranking of all movies.

Finally, you can attend the opening of The new mutants film here and here is what will be the consequences.


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