New GMB Doctor Sarah Jarvis takes shocking blow to Boris Johnson as she replaces Doctor Hilary


There was no Doctor Hilary Jones on Monday morning at Good Britain and his replacement sparked controversy with their comments on listening to the Prime Minister. Late last week, Dr Hilary revealed he was taking a much-needed break from being an almost permanent fixture on our screens throughout the lockdown.

His vacation started on Monday and he was replaced by Dr. Sarah Jarvis, who had a huge impact on his position on the people the British public should listen to for advice on coronavirus.

She told hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway: “From my perspective, if there is one thing government needs to do, it’s make sure they belong to a government do as we do. , not to do what we say not like we do to government.

“Dominic Cummings’ behavior was totally unforgivable, we have seen examples of smaller leaflets from the chief medical officer in Scotland she resigned. Of the other deputies, they resigned.

“The fact that the government is sending the message that there is a rule for them and a rule for the rest of us… I hope the people will listen to the chief science adviser and not the prime minister.”

A less than impressed viewer hit Dr. Sarah, tweeting, “What irresponsibility. One doctor should not undermine the entire NHS response. ”

Sharing these sentiments, another posted: “Why is Dr Sarah Jarvis getting involved in political discussions? She’s a doctor, stick to your expertise.


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