New French Prime Minister focuses on saving jobs in factories


LE COUDRAY-MONTCEAUX, FRANCE – The new French Prime Minister said on Saturday that his government would try to maintain French manufacturing jobs and bring others to France from low-wage countries as he attempted to exit the country d ‘a deep recession. Prime Minister Jean Castex made the announcement when he first went out on his new job, at a semiconductor factory near Paris that received significant government assistance to resist the coronavirus lockout in France.

He did not explain how his government would save jobs, but called for investment in training and new production tools. Castex and President Emmanuel Macron are expected to announce the composition of the new cabinet in the coming days.

Its objective will be to determine how to “ensure the return to employment and the sustainable maintenance of industrial jobs exposed to global competition,” Castex told journalists at the X-FAB factory in Coudray-Montceaux south of Paris.

The government views the factory, which manufactures semiconductors used in cars, phones and other equipment, as an example of European cooperation and innovation.

Before being appointed Prime Minister on Friday, Castex coordinated France’s strategy to gradually loosen the foreclosure measures and revive economic activity.


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