New French government slaps ‘face’ for feminists, says senator


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                Les féministes en France ont exprimé leur indignation face à la nomination d'un homme accusé de viol en tant que ministre de l'Intérieur et d'un opposant vocal à une loi contre le harcèlement de rue en tant que ministre de la Justice.  Le sénateur Laurence Rossignol a qualifié les nominations de «formidable gifle» pour les femmes.

Des militantes féministes ont manifesté mardi devant le ministère de l'Intérieur alors que Gérald Darmanin a officiellement pris ses fonctions de ministre de l'Intérieur.

With fists raised, they chanted “Resignation from Darmanin” and brandished banners saying “you don’t care about our complaints” in reference to the ongoing investigation into the rape charges against him.

Videos on social networks have shown that the police intervened quickly to disperse the demonstrators.

Darmanin, 37, is accused by a woman of raping her after asking for her help to have her criminal record struck off.

Last month, appellate judges in Paris ordered the reopening of an investigation into complaints that date from 2009.

As Minister of the Interior, Darmanin would, technically speaking, now be responsible for his own investigation.

A source at the Elysee Palace told AFP that the rape complaint against him “had not prevented” his appointment and that the case seemed to “go in the right direction” for him.

Two ministers in the crosshairs

Many feminists have denounced Darminin’s appointments on social media using the hashtag #DarmaninDemission (resignation of Darmanin).

Dare feminism wondered on Twitter how to “imagine for a moment that the fight against gender-based violence and sexual violence can progress with a rapist and a masculinist”, adding that the government was ashamed.

Prominent feminist activist Caroline de Haas quipped how Emmanuel Macron made gender equality a “big cause” for his presidency.

“Darmanin inside. Dupond-Moretti to justice. Not exactly the big cause of this five-year term, ”she tweeted.

The appointment of Dupond-Moretti as Minister of Justice has also raised eyebrows among women’s rights defenders.

The non-conformist and controversial lawyer opposed the new street harassment law and denounced the #MeToo movement.

He successfully defended George Tron, former secretary of state and mayor, accused of rape and sexual assault.

Recognized for his skills in the courtroom, his sexist statements are also legion: “It is all well and good that the voices of women are free, but you are preparing a curious lifestyle for future generations,” he said. to the European Association against violence against women at work (AVFT).

“Some women regret not having been called again,” he said in his criticism of the new law against street harassment.

Une gifle au visage

Several MPs also expressed concerns about the two appointments.

It is “a great slap in the face, on the part of Macron, for all those who have mobilized against sexual and gender-based violence,” Socialist Senator and former Family Minister Laurence Rossignol said on Tuesday to France Info.

While acknowledging that Darmanin benefited from the principle of the presumption of innocence, she declared that it was “a huge problem because, at the very least, these two men are not engaged remotely on these subjects” .

“At one point, when you were charged […] you have left government to defend yourself, ”said David Cormand, green MEP at CNews.

“In this case, you get a promotion. It’s a deplorable message to send to all victims [of sexual violence] who have filed complaints. “



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