New COVID-19 cases in France close 1,400 for second day in a row


PARIS – France confirmed nearly 1,400 new cases of COVID-19 for the second day in a row Thursday, a level not seen since the end of June, while hospitals across the country reported an increase in the number of people in intensive care for the first time in 16 weeks.

“The circulation of the virus is sustained with new cases increasing daily by more than 1,000 … Swift and radical efforts are needed,” health officials said in a statement.

An additional 1,377 cases of the virus have been reported, bringing the 7-day moving average above the 1,000 threshold for the first time since the first half of May, when France relaxed its lockdown, and the overall total to 186,573.

Health officials said 381 people were in intensive care units (ICUs) due to the disease, up just one from 24 hours earlier, but this is the first time this figure has increased daily in 16 weeks.


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