New Affidavit Says Zion Williamson Was Paid $ 400,000 Before First Year At Duke


There is new evidence in the legal battle for Zion Williamson that may be the most revealing to date.

In the federal file opposing the star of the New Orleans Pelicans to his former marketing agent, Gina Ford, the latter brings new evidence. The defendants filed a 38-page affidavit alleging that Zion and his stepfather had accepted $ 400,000 in exchange for exclusive marketing rights to a Canadian company called Maximum Management Group. The affidavit contains the contract with Zion’s signature of October 2018, one month before the start of his Duke basketball career.


The evidence seems overwhelming, but it may be too late. Daniel Wallach, the legal analyst who has been on the frontline throughout the case, makes it clear – Gina Ford’s chance to present direct evidence in this case has probably already passed.

Although the procedural manner of this case may prevent Zion from answering questions about the contract in court, that does not prevent journalists from putting pressure on Zion and Coach K on the matter.


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