Netflix releases list of 10 original movies of all time, supplemented by “checkout” – Deadline


topped the first ranking of original movies released by Netflix, with 99 million viewers reported by the company in its first four weeks on the streaming service.Netflix, which announces its second quarter results on Thursday, has 183 million subscribers worldwide. Its significant subscriber gains in recent quarters have tilted the list (see below) towards films released recently. The company also recently adjusted its metric for what counts as a view, now counting any subscriber who watches any programming for at least two minutes as an official viewer.

Bird box is # 2 on the list, which was first reported by Bloomberg, with 89 million viewers. Titles # 3 and # 4, respectively, are edited by Peter Berg Spenser Confidential, with Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay’s 6 Metro, whose casting was directed by Ryan Reynolds.

Netflix only publishes certain audience data, focusing on titles that work well. Nielsen offers its own Netflix viewing reports, but only in the U.S. The company has significantly stepped up its efforts in original films in the past two years, exploring a range of verticals, including animation. Its global reach and local production operations have enabled it to diversify its offerings and continue to operate even during COVID-19 shutdowns.

Last year, powered by Irish (which ranks n ° 6 all time) and Marriage story, the streaming giant has won 24 Oscar nominations, more than any distributor.

Here is the complete list:

Extraction 99m

Bird box 89M

Spenser Confidential 85M

6 Metro 83M

Mystery of the murder 73m

Irish 64M

Triple border 63m

The Wrong Missy 59M

The platform 56M

The Perfect Date 48M


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