Netflix is ‘Eurovision Song Contest’: Here’s What You Missed


Traditionally, the success of the host countries for the following year of the competition. Lars and Sigrit head to Edinburgh to compete in the contest of the year.

Scotland’s hosting of the Eurovision is not without asking questions. In the last contest of the year, the Uk came in last place in the Grand Final, having obtained 16 points to the total of its other competitors, compared to the 498 points collected by the netherlands, who won.

In the uk, the poor performance is referenced in the film, with Lemtov say the fiction of the British entry, Julia J, is “quite good, but the whole world hates the uk, so zero points.” Does Scotland accommodation suggest that, in the film of the universe, the united kingdom miraculously triumphed the year before that, or did Scotland win the Eurovision as a newly independent country?

Another theory is that Edinburgh has agreed to host the competition after the previous winner has declined. What happened, more recently, with Israel, the decline of the host of the competition, having won in 1979. Australia, which has participated since 2015, is required to organize the competition in Europe if ever he wins, the Edinburgh could be the proxy host for an Australian before the victory.


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