Netflix explains the differences between Zuko fans and Aang fans


Netflix decided to have fun with Avatar: The Last Airbender fans this week. The Twitter account attempted to explain the difference between Aang fans and Zuko fans. People absolutely loved the meme with all kinds of text to justify the firebender. But also, the company made sure to tell fans how cool they were to love the Avatar because he’s nice too. At a time when fun and silly interactions on the platform can be hard to come by, this was a good time for all. Even the slight quarrel in the answers was basically good humor. In the days of Nickelodeon, there were adamant people that the Avatar was at best the fourth or fifth most interesting person in his own history. Fans and Netflix history have been a little nicer to recently had the chance to sit down with Zuko’s voice actor Dante Basco and talk about the show’s impact on the streaming platform. He said Netflix probably did The last air Master more popular than when first published on Nickelodeon.

“Yeah, I think it blew up out of nowhere, which is great and unexpected. But this is really going to show you: A, the power of Netflix, and B, the power of a really good project that has lasted over the years now. And it’s like you said, it may be more popular than when it was first released, ”said Basco. ” Of course. I mean, “He’s a rough buddy,” has become one of the most quoted lines. It’s strange that these lines that we don’t think much about them when we do them. It’s just how the project was born. I don’t know why they’re fashionable, no matter what world we find ourselves in.

“’It’s hard, mate…’ and ‘Hello, Zuko here’, little lines that I didn’t think much of when we did it and something that stayed true to how the project came out, become that kind of slogans in life that people can use, that they use in their regular life. I appreciate it all, ”he continued. “Again, little things none of us could predict. You know we didn’t plan any of these things, these things happened organically. I appreciate, I’m proud of this multiplication, you know.

You can verify Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix now.

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