National holidays return to Hull after immediate closure


National Holiday coaches will be back on the road very soon after a group of travelers have rushed to save him.Popular and highly regarded vacation operators revealed in June of this year that its parent company, Specialist Leisure Groups, joined the administration, leaving National Holidays with no choice but to close immediately.

Staff and guests shared fond memories of their travels with National Holidays for day trips and mini-breaks.

However, on Monday July 13, National Holidays posted on their Facebook page that they had “very exciting news” to share.

The vacation operator explained how he has now joined JG Travel Group and will continue to operate on national holidays.

A National Holidays spokesperson said, “We are delighted to announce that the National Holidays brand will join the JG Travel Group, whose other brands include Just Go! Holidays, Omega Breaks and Albion Journeys.

“We can’t wait to bring back all the vacations that customers have enjoyed and more!”

“We are proud to offer a range of diverse, exciting and excellent value for money tours, with an emphasis on excellent customer service – which includes collection points nationwide. ”

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But if you’re looking to get a refund for a holiday trip, you may have to wait a little longer.

The operator stated that she did not participate in any reservations made until May 22, when the specialized leisure groups entered administration. If you need more information on what you can do if you need a refund, you should click here.

JG Travel Group said it was “absolutely delighted” to be able to add national holidays to its portfolio.

A driver waits in his bus

A spokesperson added: “We are looking forward to welcoming former National Holiday guests to return to enjoy their visits.

“Our goal is to take the essence of national holidays and reproduce many circuits, collection points and even staff. We will use coach operators from the same regions, so you may recognize some of the drivers.

“We are working hard to prepare our initial 2021 vacation selection for you; the first set of tours will be announced very soon – keep your eyes open for our countdown when we reveal how you can be the first to book one of our new tours. ”

Details will soon be available on the National Holidays Facebook page.


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