National Frying Day is today. Here’s where to get free fries


The annual celebration on July 13 gives fry lovers from across the country a chance to strike deals on fries. Here are some places offering free or discounted fries:

McDonalds French fries fans can get a free average order of the famous chain fries using the company’s mobile app. Mickey Ds also offers free fries every Friday with every mobile app order that costs more than a dollar until September 27.

Fatburger offers free orders of their lean and oily fries to customers who spend $ 20 or more via Postmates. The agreement begins Monday and lasts until Sunday.

Participant Steak ‘n Shake restaurants offer free orders of small fingerlings to customers.

white castle offers coupons for free small orders of crumpled fries on its website, but coupons cannot be used for delivery notes.

KFC offers its customers its secret recipe fries for 30 cents with any purchase.

Ladies and Rallye allow customers to purchase small, medium or large orders of their famous seasoned fries for $ 1.

Burger King offers free fries to customers who spend more than $ 1 on an order on National Frying Day on July 13, 2020.

Burger King gives customers coupons for Free medium fries with any order that costs more than $ 1.

BurgerFi customers who purchase a regular order of fries receive a 50% discount on the company’s hormone-free cheeseburgers. The North Palm Beach, Florida-based hamburger chain also offers free regular-size fries Tuesday through Friday to customers who order through the Burger-Fi app.


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