NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Booed Crashes as Confederate Flags Fly – Deadline


The NASCAR Cup Series All-Star race was not good for Bubba Wallace. Appearing during a qualifier held in Bristol, Tennessee on Wednesday, Wallace was booed and then crashed into a wall.

It was the first time that a significant number of fans had attended a NASCAR race since the ban on the Confederate flag. Several thousand fans were on hand – as was the flag.

Associated motor racing reporter Jenna Fryer tweeted that many Confederate flags have been seen in and around the Bristol Motor Speedway.“FWIW, in addition to the Confederate flag flying over Bristol, there was another one hanging from the balcony of a condo opposite the main entrance as well as others along Speedway Boulevard. Talking to the fan @ Matt2Harrison and he said he said a lot of flags on shirts and other items in the stands. “

Fryer also reported that Wallace, NASCAR’s first African American river and featured prominently in the news when reports surfaced of a noose found in his garage on another track, was booed when he was presented and cheered on the fans when it crashed.

“Bubba Wallace was also booed when he was introduced, and many cheered when he crashed. NASCAR still has a lot of work to do to safeguard its position. The Justice 4 Diversity group held signs along Speedway Boulevard. after the race.

Wallace appeared in Thursday night’s episode of Showtime’s Desus & Mero talk show and defended his role in NASCAR’s efforts to ban the Confederate flag. NASCAR banned the flag on June 10, the same day Wallace drove a car supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in Martinsville, Virginia.

“We always want to pay attention to the negatives, but the narrative that’s now being said that all NASCAR fans are racist, and so on, and that’s absolutely not true,” Wallace said on the show, “ I went down… in the Talladega infield, wherever it is, Daytona, Texas, Michigan, and I never knew if people were wearing the Confederate flag. We would go and drink beer, have a good time and go out. It wasn’t like they didn’t want you. “

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