MP says Competition Bureau has enough evidence to investigate grocers to end compensation in pandemic


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On Tuesday, the Competition Bureau confirmed that it was aware of the parliamentary hearing with the grocers, but did not say whether it was investigating the decision to reduce wage premiums.

“As the Competition Bureau is required by law to conduct its business in a confidential manner, I am unable to confirm whether the Bureau is investigating this matter,” said spokesperson Marcus Callaghan in an email. “Generally, when the Bureau finds evidence of anti-competitive activities contrary to the Competition Act, it will take the appropriate measures.”

That multimillionaire CEOs would communicate so freely with each other about cutting a small supplement for essential workers in a pandemic is troubling

Député Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Jerry Dias, president of the Unifor union, which represents thousands of grocers, echoed Erskine-Smith’s belief that the office could move forward.


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