Mourinho promises to bring Spurs back to top four next season


London (AFP)

Jose Mourinho has vowed to bring Tottenham ‘in our place’ next season after settling for Europa League qualification at the end of a difficult campaign.

Mourinho led Tottenham to a sixth place in the Premier League after Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace.

Tottenham were 14th when Mourinho took over in November following the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino and he suffered a series of injuries to key players ahead of the coronavirus break.

So, while Mourinho was frustrated that he missed out on qualifying for the Champions League, the Tottenham boss believes the groundwork has been laid for a return to the top four next season.

“What we can do of course is improve. When all the players are available, we showed in this last period what we belong to. I don’t know, maybe in this period after the lockout we finished third or fourth in the table, ”Mourinho said.

“So that’s where we belong. I want to have my team, my players, not a medical room full of players. I want a field full of players.

“Of course, as a team, the main thing is to keep our very good players and then improve the team.

“Are we going to buy 10 players? No. Are we going to buy players for 100 million pounds? No. We will improve. ”

Mourinho oversaw a six-game unbeaten streak to qualify for the Europa League, reversing a seven-point gap in sixth place following a loss to Sheffield United earlier this month.

Although the Europa League does not have the prestige of the Champions League – in which Tottenham finished second last year – Mourinho has said he should focus on winning the competition next season.

“Of course, not everyone who plays in the Champions League one day wants to come back to play in the Europa League, but that was the only thing possible after such a difficult season for the club,” he said.

“Coming to 14th and managing things is not bad at all. I’m pretty happy next season that we’re playing in the Europa League and it’s just a matter of motivating ourselves for this competition and trying to motivate the fans to support us and do something beautiful. “


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