Morning Report: Joe Rogan Decries To Win Bonuses And UFC Judge: “I Don’t Think It’s Fair”


Over the past few months, the issue of compensation for UFC fighters has become one of the most common talking points in MMA, with fighters like Jon Jones, Henry Cejudo and Jorge Masvidal all speaking out against wages of the UFC. But while these fighters all have problems with the dollars and cents that the UFC offers, longtime commentator Joe Rogan has a separate concern when it comes to paying fighters: the win bonus structure.

In the UFC, the vast majority of combatants see their purse divided into a basic salary and a winning bonus, often of equal sum, which means that in each combat, the combatants functionally play half their salary on a victory. It is a system that has recently been closely examined and is the one that Rogan would like to see disappear.

“Don’t you think there is a problem with getting people to win just because you have a victory bonus?” Rogan said recently on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “A victory bonus, I don’t like. I said it from the start. I don’t think it’s fair.

“First of all, if you want to make a victory bonus, you have to do something to judge. You have to have a better scoring system and you have to get rid of the incompetence, then when you go to other states you have to take control of the situation (and add responsibilities). In other states, it’s terrible. I don’t want to name states, but there have been states where we fight where I’m just going: “What? Who watched this fight? How is it possible?’ People are just being robbed.

The idea of ​​the winning bonus system is that it makes fighters compete better, but such evidence is anecdotal. In fact, argues Rogan, the system does exactly the opposite of what the UFC is trying to do, by inciting fighters to take the safest steps to ensure victory, even at the expense of excitement.

“If you have victory bonuses and if a guy comes in gets 50 (thousands of dollars), and if he wins, he gets another 50 (thousands of dollars), you stole $ 50,000 from that guy by giving him a incompetent judgment, “said Rogan. “If you’re a fighter, you have to do your best to win. If that means shooting a guy and bump and throwing enough shots to keep the referee from getting up, it’s $ 50,000 for you. ”

Rogan had this conversation with former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, who added that fighters are already tempted to win because of the contractual leverage of the UFC and their ability to cut. fighters at all times, creating a system that prioritizes victory over excitement, which Rogan accepted. .

” Yes. And then you have to start from scratch, “said Rogan. ” It’s crazy.

“I don’t think there is a victory bonus. A finishing bonus sounds good. It’s just going to make people fight harder. But I want a fighter to know that you’re going to win X dollars. You will not get half of that because the judges are idiots. “

Rogan has been a vocal opponent of MMA judgment for years and has repeatedly called for improvements to the current system. Likewise, Rogan believes that the basic concept behind the victory bonus system is flawed and hopes that another organization will offer a better way to pay the fighters.

“I don’t think that inspires these guys,” Rogan told Barnett. “At the highest level? Have you ever tried not to win ?. . . I would at least see someone come up with an alternative approach to how fighters are paid, and we haven’t really seen it. “

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