Monty Don unveils a magnificent memorial to the dog Nigel two months after his death


Monty Don has shown fans how he remembers his wonderful golden retriever, Nigel.Monty, 64, was devastated when Nigel passed away two months ago, his companion during years of presentation of Gardener’s World.

And while he still has two other dogs – another golden retriever, Nellie and Patti, a Yorkshire terrier – Monty remembers his twelve year old friend in a very special and very personal way.

Coming up on Instagram, Monty revealed that he had had a specially designed garden pot made with Nigel’s name, dates of birth and death.

“It happened today from Whichford in memory of the old boy,” wrote Monty.

“I’m going to have to plant it properly #tennisballtree.” “

Monty has a perfect memorial for Nigel, who died in May this year

He was greeted by a flood of support from fans of those who loved the sweet idea.

“Prove how much Nigel was loved,” commented one, “turned the page on the [Gardener’s World] schedule this week and he was there – made me smile. ”

“The sweetest thing there is!” Another wrote.

Monty remembered Nigel most appropriately

Nigel has been a gardener’s staple for years

“As it is very thoughtful and beautiful with a touch of sadness,” offered a third, “It would be wonderful, planted with me, and of course a tennis ball. Sweet Nigel, never forgotten xx.

A fourth sprang up: “Superb piece for a magnificent boy. ”

Monty had Nigel as a puppy in 2008 and shared the news of his death in May of this year.

Nigel honored announcement of death

“I am very sorry to announce the death of Nigel,” he wrote.

“In the end, he was happy, healthy and his usual calm and charming. But he suddenly fell ill and slipped quietly without pain or suffering and is now buried in the garden with lots of tennis balls.

“Rest now, old friend. See you soon and goodbye. “

Monty recovered Nigel in 2008

Gardener’s World also paid tribute to one of its famous stars by sharing a comforting compilation of Nigel’s best moments.

He pranced through the flowers, tore up Monty’s garden and waited for Monty to throw his ball while the viewers sobbed.

Meanwhile, Monty shared a snapshot of Nigel as a puppy and announced what would have been Nigel’s 12th birthday that he would have a drink in his memory.


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