Montreal public health confirms that more than a dozen bar customers have tested positive for COVID-19


MONTREAL – Montreal public health authorities have confirmed that at least 13 Montrealers tested positive for COVID-19 after going to an island bar. These people went to at least nine bars, one more than originally announced.

In addition, five people tested positive for the virus after hitting the Mile Public House at Dix30 on the South Shore.

Montreal public health spokesperson Jean Nicholas Aube said that about 1,000 people took the tests on Sunday and that health care professionals tested at least 500 in the city on Monday.

Aube reminds citizens to be patient when they come to test points without a reservation, as there are queues.

He added that city health officials have increased resources because they want people to be tested.

The occupational health service of the health service teamed up with the Worker Safety Office (CNESST) and carried out 197 inspections this weekend in bars in Montreal to ensure compliance with the rules.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube spoke about the situation in bars on Monday during the province’s COVID-19 press conference.

“We will be watching very closely, especially with the bars,” said Dube. “If we see bar owners not respecting the rules, we will have to act accordingly … But we must give them the benefit of the doubt.” ”

From Saturday, masks will be mandatory in indoor public places, including bars.

Health authorities sent a warning over the weekend urging anyone who has been in a bar on the island of Montreal since July 1 to submit to the COVID-19 test.


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