Mom shot in front of groom after “racial argument” with passers-by


A mother was killed in front of her fiancé following a “racial dispute” with a group of passers-by.Jessica Doty Whitaker was killed on Sunday July 5 at around 3 a.m. while walking with her partner Jose Ramirez and two friends in Indianapolis, United States.

The 24-year-old and the group met four men and a woman when an argument broke out after one of the victim’s parties used the word n.

According to Jose, the groups started a “racial dispute” and guns were fired on both sides, WTHR reported.

Whitaker’s father said that during the confrontation, she said “All Lives Matter” after the opposing group said “Black Lives Matter” but at least initially the argument seemed to have been resolved peacefully.

Her partner, who also brandished a gun, said the two groups had moved away.

Jessica Doty Whitaker with her three year old son

A few minutes later, as Mrs. Whitaker’s group walked along the central downtown canal, she collapsed after being shot.

“He was crushed and they went up on the hill and left, we thought, but they were sitting in Sainte-Claire waiting for us to pass under the bridge and that is when it happened get shot, “Jose told Fox News.

“She shouldn’t have lost her life. She has a three-year-old son whom she loved very much. ”

Jessica, a home nurse, was rushed to hospital after she was shot, but was killed shortly after arriving.

“I’ll never be able to hold it again,” Whitaker’s mother Arlena Doty told WTHR.

A Gofundme page has been created to raise funds for Jessica’s family and her funeral.

Jessica with fiance Jose Ramirez, who were both involved in the confrontation

It reads as follows: “Jessica, was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, fiancée, friend, aunt, cousin and co-worker.

“Loved by many and will be sorely missed by many. She made sure everyone around her was happy before her. ”

“We ask you to do everything you can to help our family provide the best service they deserve.

“Also to help the beautiful son she left. It was his pride and joy. “

Jessica was shot as she walked along the central canal in Indianapolis

Jessica’s father Robert J Doty S visited Facebook in the days following the shooting to pay tribute to his daughter.

In an article, he said, “I’m so sorry right now. I’m so emotionally lost that I love you, little girl. ”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the shooting but has yet to make an arrest.

Officer Genae Cook, spokesperson for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, said, “We need help from the community and that is what we are asking for today.

“The victim of this horrible crime was not only a victim, she was a mother, she was a daughter, she was a friend whom she left behind a small child. ”

To visit the fundraising page, click here.


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