Modi’s India goes for Erdogan’s Turkey instead of UK and France, says Fareed Zakaria


A file photo of Fareed Zakaria, scholar and CNN reporter. | Photo: Commons

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New Delhi: Indian democracy began to resemble Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey more than liberal European democracies like France and Britain, scholar, CNN anchor, and Washington Post said columnist Fareed Zakaria.

In conversation with ThePrint Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta during Off The Cuff On Monday, Zakaria spoke about the rise of illiberal democracy in India and its possible ramifications for a diverse country.

“Unfortunately, India has moved closer to Erdogan’s Turkey instead of Britain or France,” he said.

Zakaria said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership had been deeply divisive, adding that he wondered if Modi really wanted to bring all of India together.

“What I wonder about Modi is if he really wants to bring all of India with him?” Zakaria asked.

“Modi had the ability to do something different. He knows how to bring a certain part of India together. If it were to be inclusive, it would unify India in a way that no one else could, ”he added.

Pointing out that he was one of the first to interview Modi, he said: “There are elements of Narendra Modi that I praised. He is very intelligent and a very good politician. He has a good idea of ​​how to communicate with the average Indian.

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