Minnesota Vikings trainer / infection control officer tests positive for coronavirus


The Minnesota Vikings announced Monday that head coach Eric Sugarman and members of his family have tested positive for the coronavirus.Sugarman is also the Viking Infection Control Officer.

He said in a statement that he and his family went into quarantine immediately and that “all are fine and have only mild symptoms.”

The Vikings said they were disinfecting their facilities and contacted anyone who was in close contact with Sugarman. The team said the team staff had been tested “and were coming back as per established guidelines.”

“Eric has not had recent contact with the players, and no additional cases within the Vikings front office have been identified at this time,” the team said.

Sugarman will continue to serve as the Viking infection control officer virtually, the team said.

“I am humbled to serve in this capacity because it has been one of the most rewarding jobs of my career. But since I am here in quarantine, it is clear that this virus does not discriminate. He must continue to be taken seriously. I encourage people to take the necessary precautions and follow the guidelines that have been established nationally and locally, ”he said in his statement.

The Vikings are moving forward with their mandatory declaration date for veterans on Tuesday despite testing positive from Sugarman. All veterans are expected to show up on July 28 to receive their first of several COVID-19 tests before being allowed to enter the TCO Performance Center for the first time for training camp.

Information from Courtney Cronin of ESPN was used in this report.


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