Milwaukee Brewers Announces 60 MLB 2020 Regular Season Schedule


MLB team schedules for the 2020 60-game season have been published. The opening day of the league is July 23, and the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs will open things up at Wrigley Field on July 24.

Of the 60 games played by the Brewers, 40 will be played against opponents from the Central National League. The remaining 20 games will be played against opponents from the American League Central. The Brew Crew’s first six games will be on the road with a 3-game streak in Wrigley and a 3-game streak in Pittsburgh. The first home game is July 31, with the Cardinals coming to town for three.

The Brewers will face the Cubs, Cardinals, Pirates and Reds 10 times. The Cardinals will travel to Milwaukee twice for two 3-game series while the Brewers will travel to St. Louis only once for the last four games of the regular season. The Pittsburgh Pirates come to Milwaukee for a 4-game streak in late August, while the Brewers travel to Pittsburgh for a 3-game streak. Milwaukee will play 7 of his 10 games against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park, and the Brew Crew will play 7 of his 10 games against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Matches against clubs in the American League Central take place in three ways. The Brewers will play two home games and two away games against the White Sox and the Tigers. The Brewers will face the Minnesota Twins six times, a 3-game series at Miller Park and the other at Target Field. The Brewers only see the Kansas City Royals for a 3-game streak at Miller Park in September.

The timing is certainly uneven. Whether there are advantages for certain teams and disadvantages for other teams is an open question. Whatever advantages or disadvantages brewers might have with this program, they will be debated ad nauseam, I am sure. The biggest drawback I see for the Brew Crew is that it starts the road season for six and ends the road season for seven.

With only 60 games left, it is imperative that the Brewers get off to a good start. It will also be very important to finish well. The programmers were not nice to Milwaukee putting the team on the road to start and end the season.


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