Midnight Mania! Jessica Andrade aims to knock out Rose Namajunas again, proves skeptics wrong


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The UFC 251 is only four days away and it’s a pretty compelling card from top to bottom. Slightly overshadowed by the three title fights is excellent revenge between Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas, a pivotal strawweight fight that has definitive implications for the title.

The first time these women fought, Andrade was able to steal the crown of Namajunas with one of the most brutal knockouts in the history of MMA. However, Namajunas was doing quite well before the slam, which prompted some to consider Andrade’s victory as a chance or a fluke.

“Bate Estaca” respectfully thinks the opposite.

” I do not know if [Namajunas] thought [it was a fluke], but I know she really wants this rematch; she wants to show that she has improved and evolved, that she has what it takes to beat me, ”Andrade told MMA Fighting. “There are a lot of American fans and a lot of Brazilian fans who say it was lucky, but I know it was not luck. I was ready for all this. I knew what I had to do in combat and how it would go. If I hadn’t won this way [the win] would have come in any other way, the next round, or even the next.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Rose’s mind, but she has this strength within her to prove herself, to evolve after each fight. She has this desire to improve and to win every time she stumbles. I think she just proved it by fighting me.

“If she was lucky, she could beat me, and if she was not, I would win – and mutual respect continues. “

It is certainly an interesting match and a perfect candidate for a redesign. On the one hand, Namajunas marked Andrade with a lot of counters. However, Andrade generally has no qualms about punching the face, and his own body and leg work weighed heavily on Namajunas even before the grand slam.

Who do you have in the rematch?


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