Midnight Mania! Brendan Schaub contracts COVID-19 after minimizing the threat of the virus


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

With the help of Joe Rogan and his own 11-fight career as a UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has established himself as one of the most popular voices in MMA. His podcast, “The Fighter And The Kid,” was pretty successful, and Schaub also appeared on Showtime as an analyst and comedian.

What Schaub is not, however, is a scientist or researcher on diseases. Despite his qualifications outside the epidemiology field, Schaub nevertheless spoke several times about the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing about the statistics and generally downplaying the whole thing.

In the clip above, Schaub pleads for the organization of UFC events: “Let’s say everyone has had Corona … in the worst case, everyone on the map has had Corona. 97% chance, it will be fine. Would you bet on it? Look at the odds that you get into a wrecked car on the way to work … that’s how I see it, just statistics. I get my emotions out of it and look at the statistics. Yeah, I would put it on. ”

It turns out that Schaub’s lack of concern for the virus did not protect him. Schaub recently admitted that he contracted COVID-19, although he believes he is “almost 100%” after a three-day battle with the virus.

Will Schaub touch the virus to change his perspective? Either way, I doubt it. However, it should at least be more difficult for Schaub to write it as a hoax entirely after his own experience.


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