Midnight hair salon – one of the first women in Britain to get their hair styled says it’s nice to feel like you’re “back to normal” again


One of the first people to visit a hair salon since the country locked out said it was nice to feel “as usual” again.Sandra Jacobs was among the first people to walk through the door at Tusk Hair in Camden on Friday evening when the North London business opened its doors at midnight for the first time in three and a half months.

Despite the abundance of masks, aprons and face shields that serve as a reminder of the new normalcy of post-Covid society, Jacobs said she was just relieved to be sitting in owner Carole’s lounge chair again Rickaby.

A stylist wears a protective mask when cutting a client’s hair at Tusk Hair hairdressers in Camden just after midnight

“It’s such a relief, I can’t tell you,” she said.

“My hair was everywhere. I wore hats to hide it.

“Although Carole is booked for two and a half weeks, I called her and she said I could come at midnight, which I was grateful for.

Carole Rickaby (center left) cuts the hair of client Sandra Jacobs (center right) at Tusk Hair, Camden, after opening at midnight

“It was nice to feel a little like again. ”

Ms. Jacobs was not the only one feeling relieved to be back in the living room, Ms. Rickaby enjoying the opportunity to pick up the scissors.

A customer took his temperature when he arrived at the Tusk Hair hairdressers in Camden just after midnight on July 04, 2020 in London

But she said that working with the additional protective equipment would take some getting used to.

“It’s great to be back,” she said.

“We are very careful with aprons and face masks, but that can be a bit of a problem. I wear glasses, so wearing a mask also boiled my glasses every time I tried to speak.

“I ended up telling Sandra that she can talk to me and I’m just going to listen.” “

Carole Rickaby cuts client Sandra Jacobs’ hair at Tusk Hair in Camden, north London, after opening at midnight for the first client after the lockout as restrictions are relaxed across England

Despite the end of the night, things shouldn’t get any busier for Ms. Rickaby with reservations pouring in for the past few days.

But she said she was delighted to be able to give people something to hope for in these difficult times.

“I’m just glad I can go back to work,” she said.

“Having your hair done makes people feel better.

“Getting a haircut is a big boost for mental health and it is exactly what people need right now. “


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